52 Book Challenge, Week 3

Today’s book is amazing. I loved it.

Today I’m reccing Matchbox Girls by Chrysoula Tsavelas. This book is engaging, full of adventure, fairies, small children, kittens, and a protagonist I really identify with. Marley reminds me a lot of me (I was diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder not terribly long ago) and between that and the Los Angeles area setting, I was hooked from pretty much the first minute.

If you like your fantasy with enough reality that you’re wondering if you’ll see monsters when you look up from the book, this book is definitely for you. Thanks, K Sullivan for hooking me up with it!

(Bonus: It turns out I am only 2 degrees from Chrysoula, via a couple of friends!)

You can pick up the book at Candlemark & Gleam this month… (And now I’m SO FREAKING SORRY I didn’t pick up a copy in hardbound through the Kickstarter…)



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