52 Book Challenge, Week 4

Okay!  Today’s 52 Book Challenge is brought to you by the stuff I posted on Lovecraft the other day.  And my complete shock that this author ISN’T shelved at Barnes & Noble.

_The City & The City_ by China Mieville.  There’s not a lot I can say about it without revealing the conceits of the book, but I will say this.  It’s “Strange Fiction,” it’s award winning, it’s amazingly beautifully written, and there’s a mystery. 

There’s also some interesting commentary about socio-political cultural issues, but you don’t *have* to dig into that part unless you want to.

Amusingly, I searched 4 geographical areas and about seven zipcodes, and China Mieville is currently not shelved at B&N, which feels…bizarre to me.

(I would never link to B&N, but here’s a link to Powell’s if you’re interested in this book.)



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