Funny story.

So last night my partner J was gaming online, and he was all disguised as a girl because his PC is a woman, and he went to the game (held over chat) already identified in his in character name so that no one would know it was him.

And the first thing he said to me this morning was “I finally get it when you complain!  I mean, every time I turned around, someone was hitting on me.”

I laughed a little, because that’s pretty common for me (although G+ has, thankfully, not had so many issues with that…) and because he sounded a little surprised when he said it.  And then I thought about it a little more, because I do that (wouldn’t have much of a blog if I didn’t).

We all “know” that guys who go online pretending to be girls (and women who go online identifying as female) get more attention, harrassment, etc.  But was his PC getting attention because he was “dressed like a girl?”  If he’d come in with his own name, and then put on his in character name (which is like a costume) would he have gotten flirted with less, even though he plays a PC that is (freakishly) beautiful?

I probably can’t test this theory.


2 thoughts on “Funny story.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Not only would he be hit on differently, it would largely be by trans*-fetishists, who would probably not fail to join in the bashing attacks also. The bashing attacks I’m certain of; the flirting would depend on whether there’s backchannel access, because the fetishists won’t want to be seen as such by anyone “public” – the flirts will come by private message, not in the chat channel. The chat channel will become hostile as hell.

    I speak from lengthy, LENGTHY personal experience. :/

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