Cupcakes for Friday!

I’m hip deep in a project, and I was thinking we could all use a few cupcakes. Especially me, because I’m working hard as can be on making dreams into reality. (And here you thought activism was boring, right?)

This is my favorite cupcake recipe ever, and bonus, it’s pretty hard to mess up.

No, seriously.

One time I made them in Scotland, where nothing comes in cups. Seriously, you weigh flour there (how cool is that? SO MUCH MORE PRECISE AND SCIENCEY!), butter, all of it. Well, a) I am really bad at converting cups to weights and b) I am really good at getting distracted. So somehow I managed to leave half the flour out.

They were still delicious. They tasted a little more like egg custard than cake, but it was the middle of January, and everyone who ate them agreed they were delicious.

There’s a life lesson in that, though. Sometimes, your mistakes will be delicious. And if they’re so delicious you eat them all? No one will ever know they happened. So go. Make tasty mistakes.

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