Hi, I’m Rowan. You may know me from such things as contentious social media posts or blog entries about feminism. You may also know me from game design, or my work with Indie+. (Or both! Or neither!)

So. Patreon. I went back and forth for a while about setting one of these up. I went back and forth on whether blogging, collecting resources for people, helping with inclusivity and community policies, and education was really work, since I don’t have any kind of degree or license for it.

But then, I thought, “Hey! Some people really like my work! Some people have shared with me how much they benefitted from my work! I’d love to be able to turn that appreciation into help with continuing to do that work.”

This Patreon is deliberately simple. If my work benefits you, if you find that it has helped you or made a difference in your life, and you would like to express appreciation for that in monetary form, this is here! I only have two “reward” tiers, one unlimited and one limited.

What I’m doing here is a pretty radical feminist experiment. There’s a lot of weight on the idea that women should do unpaid labor, and that feminist activism is one of those kinds of labor they should be doing for free. While I’ll continue to practice feminism (because it’s part of my identity), I also believe it’s fair to ask people who benefit from my practice to consider supporting it.


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